SIG Investor Programs

SIG’s personal approach to investment helps us provide a unique experience for all of our partners. We  have programs to grow wealth in every asset class. It doesn’t matter if you’re placing 20 million on a strip mall or 10 thousand on a mobile home, SIG is able to find the right investment for you.

NEED Cash? no problem.

SIG has a unique lending program that will actually give YOU the cash you need to start investing NOW. No collateral and funding up to 250k! Click the Link below or contact us today!

SIG New Investor Partnerships

SIG is offering new investors an opportunity to partner with experience. Real estate investing can have problems lurking behind every corner. When you choose to partner with us we walk you through the acquisition, the rehab, and exit. You use our team of experienced analyst, attorneys, and GC’s to prevent any new investor mistakes!


Learn how to build wealth

Building wealth does not happen over night. It can be a life long process and there are many difficult decisions that you will face. SIG helps you establish goals and get you where you want to be.


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Real Estate Asset Management


SIG has the team in place to properly management your real estate assets. We employ the best to make sure your investment is protected, profitable, and performing. We offer asset management for our clients and take the headaches away from real estate investing. We locate the deals, we collect the rent, we oversee construction,  SIG can do all of the work so you don’t have to.


For Real Estate Asset Management

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Private Equity Placement

SIG offers private placement with our firm to invest passively while collecting competitive returns. We work closely with every client to determine risk tolerance and yield mandates in order to provide outstanding service.


Did you know you actually lose money with savings accounts and bank cd's?

The dollar inflates at about 4% per year. The best CD's are over 250k and only grow at 1 % per annum. This means your actually losing money if you invest in them!


We can provide great returns on your money with far less risk than the stock market.



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Turn key Solutions


One of the biggest perks with investing in real estate is the ability to collect cash-flow. We offer entirely passive turn key portfolio creation. With our turnkey solution program we are able to locate properties, manage them for you, place a tenant, and even find you lending options to make it all happen.


Did you know with as little as 20k-40k you can start collecting properties?


With our proven investment model, we are able to use the lending system to buy property after property using only the 20k-40k you started with!


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